Nike Mulani on what the pandemic taught us about social media presence



Nike Mulani

The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the world and forced us to do business in ways we never imagined quickly enough. Many businesses have had to quickly build an online presence, which can be an incredibly difficult feat to manage on your own. Going online meant surviving during this pandemic, and the digital rush fueled by social media has changed the landscape of how we do business in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, marketing agencies like Digital Nod were there to help businesses and business owners increase their digital footprint. According to Director Nik Mulani, the company has been able to achieve a staggering 200% growth during this time while helping organizations and brands weather the crisis.

Digital Nod is a highly specialized digital brand management company that assists brands in media coverage, social media growth and reputation management. The agency has supported countless entrepreneurs, musicians, actors, brands, organizations, professionals and influencers to not only achieve but surpass their marketing goals. “The COVID-19 crisis hit so quickly that a lot of people weren’t prepared, and at Digital Nod we understood they needed a place to turn,” Nik said. “The social media presence and the subscriber base hold a lot of power. These are the people who are invested in your brand. “

With a focus on social media, brands are enlisting the help of Digital Nod to reach a wider audience and drive engagement and discovery. “Social media provided a balance as things got more tumultuous and spikes in social media use and engagement presented many opportunities,” said Nik Mulani. “Businesses have understood that the influence and power of social media cannot be ignored.” By incorporating this into their strategies, companies have been able to weather the pandemic storm fairly well.

Nik Mulani’s expertise and dedication runs through the culture of Digital Nod. Their growth can be attributed to a hands-on, pragmatic approach to digital media that brands need now. The landscape is constantly changing, and with that, Digital Nod offers scalable expertise to meet immediate business needs. “Right now, the public is looking to brands to lead the conversation, and this approach requires authenticity and transparency,” he added.

Digital Nod is continuing this unprecedented growth path. At the same time, the pandemic shows no signs of slowing down, especially as companies grapple with the idea that they should have been better prepared and refuse to make the same mistake twice. “I am proud of what we were able to do and I am extremely grateful for what my team did,” said Nik Mulani, adding: “When the pandemic hit everything was on deck, and we look forward to 2020 . being a record year.

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