Channel Bakers, leader in retail marketing, partners with Profitero


Channel Bakers, a global e-commerce and retail advertising agency, today announced that it will partner with Profitero, the leader in providing actionable e-commerce insights for leading consumer brands. most successful in the world, in order to offer its customers access to the best analysis of sales and market share. According to Joshua Kreitzer, Founder and CEO of the agency, Profitero also named Channel Bakers a “Certified Profitero Pro Partner” who can combine these analyzes with advertising, content and supply chain optimization services to help more brands to achieve maximum return on investment on their marketing efforts.

“The Profitero partnership will provide us with a range of new tools allowing us to produce solid information that we can turn into comprehensive e-commerce and advertising strategies,” said Joshua Kreitzer, Founder and CEO of Channel Bakers. “

“Profitero’s pure-play technology business model offers tremendous synergy with Channel Bakers as a full-service, strategic global e-commerce and retail advertising agency,” said Kreitzer.

Extending to more than 185 employees worldwide, Channel Bakers’ new relationship ensures that the agency is fully “tech” and sets an important benchmark for continued growth.

Noting that the biggest mainstream brands have responded to a 44% growth in online sales in 2020 by investing in sophisticated in-house data analytics teams, Kreitzer said small brands lacking such resources can now work with it. Channel Bakers plus Profitero to level the playing field within the Ecommerce Landscape.

“We partnered with Profitero because we haven’t seen any other benchmarking and market share tool available for retail that provides consistent accuracy for our customers,” Kreitzer said, while adding that on average, brands using Profitero are growing their e-commerce sales 70% faster than the category. competitors.

According to Sarah LaVallee, Vice President of Client Success for Channel Bakers, the agency was chosen from a small roster of top-notch agencies because of their understanding and service to the needs of small teams, especially with regards to Amazon.

“Our experience and knowledge of Amazon and its new products as well as our global presence creates a strong synergy for our relationship with Profitero and will have a huge impact on the success of our customers,” said LaVallee. “We believe that people, along with the right technology, are what drive the best e-commerce and retail outcomes that brands seek from their agencies in the retail landscape of the world. ‘today.”

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